Welcome to the Studio

The Identity is a creative, design & development studio. A small tight knit team inspired by world travels, culture, people, architecture, start-ups and the clashing of industries mixed with strategy, behavioral economics and a love of Leonard Cohen, to work with people and businesses that do all things good - and want to do it brilliantly.

We're so privileged to gather like this, with so much of the world plunged in chaos and darkness.
So ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen

Industries & clients we've worked with: corporates, entrepreneurs, start-ups, charities, fashion retailers, kids products, health & nutrition, product based businesses, clinics, stylists, interior designers, tourism, finance technology, business coaches, yoga & dance studios, bloggers, restaurants, hairdressers, architects, sport teams, marketing agencies and more.

Web Design &

Bespoke website design & development, custom designed + coded courses, sales pages & more. Step right this way...


Graphic Design

PDF Course design, manifestos, printed books, optins, reports, logos, business cards



Portraits, landscapes, products & business photography is the thing. Canon, fun, music and a bunch of lenses to the ready.


grow your
creative business

Systems, processes, templates & clients. All the ins and outs you've ever wanted to know for creative studios and freelancers.



If you're a creative freelancer or business this one's for you

An interactive, comprehensive digital course for strategic makers like you to free up your time, charge more, and be the expert clients trust in your projects so you can get back to the way it all felt when you fell in love, doing what you love.