Hoi. Hallo. Mambo. Sawadeeka. Bonjourno!

If you’ve happened upon this space (hopefully listening to a good tune), welcome! We’re a small, friendly little team kept alive by good food, road trips and people doing amazing things and cannot wait to meet you and your business.

Inspired by the world, architecture, culture and doing great things, we’re a boutique, technology driven creative studio forever seeking to present data and content in an aesthetic and meaningful way.  Our design & systems work are developed to drive behavioral change and increase performance, productivity and profitability. Big aims (and words!) but that’s what we’re going to do together if you’re on board.

We are big believers in productive working environments, easy back-end management, gorgeous and effective designs, tangible results, and quality, integrity and very happy people (cue an uplifting 60s pop song).

We’ve worked on 100+ projects and can’t wait to hear your story. Scroll down to the contact form or email us at hello {at} theidentity.me.

We’re so privileged to gather like this, with so much of the world plunged in chaos and darkness. So ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen


About Lis Dingjan - The Identity Photo

Hi! I'm Lis - Creative Lead

I'm an accidental adventurer, business startup-erer and laugh far too much at my own jokes. A guy once told me that I wasn't very funny but at least I seemed to think I was. Phew - if both of us didn't we'd be in trouble! I'm the Creative Director over here at The Identity and have a love for agile businesses and beautiful design. Focussed on user experience, strategy and the next step forward, the team and I are with you all the way in developing websites, courses, applications and systems that take you where you want to go (and smash through the ceiling beyond that).

Come say hello!

I may have answered some of your questions on the faqs page. If I haven't, come back and ask away or reach out with your project, thoughts or anything else on your mind. Use the form below or email us at hello {at} theidentity.me. Lis or Emily (our account manager) will get back to you within a couple of days. Absolutely can't wait to hear from you!