Everyone online needs to take a big fat break and remember there’s wars in Syria and shit


I know your business is your life. Believe me I know.

I’m all up in my business ALL THE TIME. It never ends.

You’re doing client work. Creating products. Wrangling with your never ending inbox. Tearing your hair out because no idea hasn’t already been done. Unless you just patented finger holes in dutch biscuits and became a millionaire (yes this has happened – he’s a genius).

Re-branding. Launching. Comparing, comparing, comparing. Getting passive aggressive. Taking on too much. Hustling. Wanting more clients. Trying to find more clients. Wanting more time to enjoy life. To actually kiss your partner because hell they probably barely see you and you’ve forgotten to show them how much you care because you just have to tick off one more item on your to-do list. Or date. Remember that?

So you’re hustling even more. And sometimes wondering if going to back to a steady pay check is a good thing, a relieving thing, or blasphemy. And you’re exhausted. Getting proper angry. At yourself, at your customers, at other people rocking it online.

You’re pissed and you’re tired. And you want the negative shit to go away. Because you’re generally a pretty freaking happy, positive person. And you have dreams of alps, and balconies and cafes laughing with friends. Or ocean swims at 2pm (with more cocktails, less sharks). Or fireplaces and a hot other half. That wants to rip your clothes off (because we could probably all do with a bit more of that and a bit less business).

So step the hell away from the computer. Don’t write that email. Catch your breath for a second. Don’t be snarky. Don’t be a bitch. Don’t get sucked in.

Eat some fruit. Punch a boxing bag. Drink some tea. Laugh with friends. The person that gives you the tingles? That you create electricity with whenever you’re an inch within their skin? Take their shirt off. Screw it, tear it off. FORGET the online world.

Because often it’s incredible. It’s amazing. It’s oh so wonderful and let’s you live the life you’re living. You’ve met beautiful people in this world. And despite what you’re thinking you’ve achieved a hell of a lot. You’re also doing something that’s oh so brave. You’re putting yourself out there. Your image, your feelings, your creativity, your genius, your opinions and everything about you. That’s crazy courageous.

But some other times?

It’s incestuous. It’s filled with egos. It’s a kill joy. It zaps creativity. It turns nice people into meanies. Other nice people become doormats. It makes you want to punch things. You stop liking your work. Every negative comment you hear or you receive is like someone just took a door…to your face. You feel wounded. You feel stressed. And you feel anxious.

So let’s all take one big breath, altogether now, and then exhale. Deep and slow. Then put the laptop down and back slowly away. Fast.

Because while we’re so buried in these lives – and while it is of course brilliant to do what you love and be your amazing self – there’s also proper real stuff happening out there.

That bitch that has the same color text as you? Not as important as the 100,000 people that have just died in Syria.

The guy who has a service just like yours? Not really a priority when major provinces in Cambodia are flooding, shutting down (because of an actual disaster, not US health care) and people are dying.

The idea you’ve just had that somebody else has already done? Screw it and do it anyway. Do it better. Put a twist on it. Make it prettier. I don’t care but there’s more demand for it. And it’s damn important that you do it. Because you have the opportunity to. There’s an entire world that will never have this opportunity. So just do it already will you.

Whatever you’ve just been pettily accused of? Think about all the people sitting in jail who haven’t done a thing. Nothing. They’re totally innocent and sitting in foreign hell holes. There’s no one to help them. No support. No one to rely on. So just let it go, that’s all about them and not you. Then go check out a group like The Innocence Project.

The client that’s killing you? Make a note not to take those people on again. It’s not worth it. But for the moment, finish the job or end the project and move on. And for right now leave the house and jump into the kitchen in your local homeless shelter. Because a billion people are wondering how to get food on the table tonight.

Let’s all keep it a little in check yeah?

Step away from the stuff bringing you down. Being on an info diet for the year (apart from 3 treasured blogs) has been the best thing in the world. Totally cleansing and freeing. Write down what else drags you down. Now leave that shit alone. I’m about to. Client work deserves my full attention. As does some exploring of my own country. And the family and friends I rarely see but so adore when I do.

Because I’m way not perfect. And I love you, I do.

With Love,

With Love - Lis/Liz Dingjan - The Brand Identity Creator
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