Frequently Asked Questions

Can you teach me about running a creative business?

Absolutely. After years of working with clients big and small we’ve really focussed on how we work and manage projects so you can still enjoy the process and develop an ongoing stream of clients you love working with. If you’re a creative freelancer, agency or studio, the meetCreative course is made for you. You can view more information by clicking over here.

When are you next available?

We’re generally, very humbly, booked out a while in advance. Currently we’re booked full for website + digital course design & development or learning management system projects for the rest of the 2016 year. The team & I do have arms wide open for systems, startup and product development work from early next year. Head on over to the contact page to reach out to see when we can create & strategize with you and potentially schedule it in.

How long do projects take?

It depends on your project. For branding + website design and development anywhere between 8 to 16 weeks (significantly bigger projects may run longer). Course or LMS design & development 6 to 20 weeks depending on size. Business systems work, product development & tech consulting is customized for your business. Let’s chat!

Will you design just my logo?

We only undertake logo designs within the larger realm of a project. We believe in strategy, quality and an effective representation of your brand. You will be provided with all necessary scalable logo files for across mediums along with a logo style guide.

Do you do copywriting?

No but we can partner you up with some great copywriters that suit your style whom we have worked with on projects and know their craft.

How much will this cost?

It depends on your project but we’ve listed starting and/or approximate costs on the services page. Take a look for a ball park figure and contact us to chat and potentially formalize a quote.

Do you do work with not-for-profits?

Absolutely! We love working with NGO’s and not for profit organizations. Lis runs a small project with a partner in Cambodia and has also studied international law, development and consulting with other charities so we’ve got some extra game behind your project.

We are able to work with a couple of not for profits every year at a reduced rate. Contact us to find out if we’re a good fit for your organization.

Will I/we be able to update everything on my site myself?

That’s the aim for the majority of areas you’ll need to update. You’ll run on a content management system and we’ll code into your dashboard so you can update areas you’ll regularly need to … so you don’t need to pay us or anyone else to do so. We want you to have control over your site. Of course this always costs a little bit more (time, experience and skills) but in the long run you’ll not only save thousands but also your life. Because your hair, family, friends and brain are important. And the work you do should be on the better stuff not messing around with frustrating administration.

I've got a budget of 1-8k, can you create a website or tweak a theme for me?

No, sorry, but please reach out and we’ll refer you to one or two people where possible, whom we trust and have worked extensively with who will create something beautiful with you within your budget if they’re available and a good fit for your work.

Do you do consulting?

Yes. Lis & a few specialists on the team do technical, systems, branding & culture, product development & startup consulting. Please email hello {at} to enquire further and chat about your requirements.

Can I hire you to speak at an event?

Absolutely! Take a wander over to this page to discover more information and to reach out or email hello {at} with some information on your event so we can chat further.

Who's in charge of the photography?

For most of the header photographs, that’s the work of Lis who does photography on specific projects and squeezes it into time outside the studio.

For shots of Lis, that would be Nikki Jumper. Isn’t she incredible? She’s shot for the likes of red bull and jagermeister and also happens to be a pretty spunky musician. A total hustler and sweet as pie (seriously).

What scary adventures have you done?

The ole facing your fears question! I totally believe in doing things outside of your comfort zone all the time – that’s where we grow right? Get to that yoga class already! For me that’s anything from attending an event alone, a new exercise session, going to a new meet up group alone (see the pattern?) to bungee jumping. Here’s a few of those more obviously scarier things…

  • Bungee jumping in Zimbabwe
  • Walking with lions in Zimbabwe
  • Gorilla trekking in Uganda
  • White River Rafting rapid 4/5’s in Switzerland
  • Hang gliding in Switzerland
  • Quad bike riding in Namibia
  • Caving in Belize
  • Diving in Egypt
  • Living alone in Nairobi
  • Living/working alone in rural Cambodia
  • Abseiling Table Mountain in South Africa
  • Getting detained in Vietnam
  • High Ropes course in Switzerland
  • Cycling through Hells Gate in Kenya
  • Starting life in London with just a pound to my name (and maxed credit cards!)
  • Anaconda Adventure Race team Western Australia
  • Travelling the world on my own
  • Swimming in the ocean (I’m deadly scared of sharks)

Do you call anywhere home or what's your favorite place?

I’m an accidental nomad so you’ll probably find me slowly traversing the world. Or settling for a little while. Life changes and I don’t plan! I think I’ve been to about 60 countries and lived on 4 continents. I was born in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Dutch is my first language. I love and adore my country and ultimately I’m really proud of it. I’ve had the privilege to live all over the world and experience amazing cultures and places everywhere.

My favorite city to live in is London. It’s magical. Ask me where anything is and I’ll know it by the tube line. Same goes for best cafes in the whole world. Second fav city? Bangkok. It has started to feel like home. The most beautiful landscape country I’ve been to (if I had to make a decision) would be Uganda. Or every country in Europe. Or many States in the States. Tough question! Bali is my least favorite but every country is amazing to travel through. I travel for the cultures, outdoors and perspective. People fascinate me. As does the music, food, colors, architecture and smells. The most vast in changing landscapes, Namibia. Best vibe? East Africa. Coolest city feature? Southbank (beaches & open air pools!) in Brisbane, Australia. Eastern Europe is the most charming. Malawi has the smiles. Cambodian children are stunning. Vietnamese are the hustlers. Netherlands the cutest cities & good, deep conversation. Thailand is the easiest, Rome for the stories and Egypt has the most secrets. I adore being on wide open roads, breathing fresh air, swimming in waterfalls and hiking (badly).

But home? It’s wherever I lay my earrings that night. And perhaps where I have a recycled desk, old jars with brush pens, a bike with basket, lots of cheese, pancakes, friends and plenty of inspiration and fruity tea at quirky, independent cafes. If you wander enough you’ll find this anywhere. Except cheese. Cambodia does not do cheese.

Do you do anything else?

Ja. I totally don’t believe you just have to do one thing forever and I do think you can spread yourself across multiple areas with just as high a quality and input. You just have to develop the systems and team to make everything function.

You can find a little more on what I do here.

What music and books do you love?

You’re in luck. I have a whole section of links for you on that (just scroll down). Very quickly anything on behavioral economics or the economy is going to light up my eyes. Leonard Cohen, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Ben Howard, Billy Joel, Dire Straits, and Sting or The Police are always going to be up there.

Do you really love Leonard Cohen so much?

Yes. And I don’t understand how anyone else cannot. He makes me melt. I’ve seen him live a number of times. I listen to him all day. His words are on my walls. His lyrics pull from deep within me. I love him.