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The short of it
I run a creative tech studio, lead a digital course for freelancers and creative businesses at meetCreative, and this year I'm providing mentorship and direction on a number of startups, co-creating a few new projects including product businesses and indulging in a couple of apps.

I like filling up my life and I have a strong pull to spend my time in the buzz of inspiration and the working process, wandering the roads of the world and in a cabin in the woods working and listening to records.

I try and follow what I'm drawn to and I believe in simplicity and doing good things. I don't think I do anything exceptional but I try to live life in a way that feels good.
A little bio

Lis Dingjan heads up The Identity a creative tech studio. She divides her time between client projects and business startups along with running a comprehensive digital course for creative freelancers and agencies alongside workshops. She helps businesses small to large succeed with a strong focus on systems, processes, design, strategy and quality. Accidentally circumnavigating the world every year, she’s travelled through over 60 countries and calls everywhere home. When she’s not throwing things at her computer you can find her debating human rights law, studying up on behavioral economics, drinking far too much fruity tea, listening to Leonard Cohen and pretending she’s funnier than she really is.

If you require a bio more tailored for your publication or event, or a higher resolution photo, please reach out to lis {at} Looking for a brief overview of my life and favorite things? Click here.
Here's a little more info
  • I've worked on over 100 projects and have gotten to know the in's, out's and behind the scenes of a vast array of businesses and agencies large and small from entrepreneur to corporate.
  • I studied finance and law at the University of London and worked for years in corporate at some of the biggest companies in the world doing those things along with tech and systems programming.
  • I've bungee-jumped and walked with lions in Zimbabwe, white river rafted & hang-glided in Switzerland, quad-biked in Nambia, caved in Belize, dived in Egypt, gorilla trekked in Uganda, abseiled down Table Mountain in South Africa, cycled Hells Gate in Kenya, camped across Australia, been detained in Vietnam, lived alone in Nairobi & Cambodia and started life in London with a few pounds to my name. I think life is the adventure you make of it (but I'm still pretty terrified of most insects).
  • I'm far more introverted than people think - which means that in business I think you need to do what you're comfortable with (i.e you do not need to post selfies every day if that makes you want to run to the hills in Austria). That leads well into the fact I watch the Sound of Music at least twice a year.
  • My favorite human on the planet is Leonard Cohen (but please don't tell whomever I end up with).
  • I run workshops and speaking events when I get the chance and am part of a number of retreats which take me to some pretty cool places.
  • I'm Dutch. I've lived in Australia. And many other places. I speak a few languages and have a few funny expressions (you only know it doesn't translate when you look into the eyes of a crowd of blank faces) and tend to revert back to Dutch or bad literal translations when my brain is full.
  • I love road trips, music that takes me to another place, camping, hiking (which I'm terrible at), dancing, quirky cafes, hand written letters, and sitting around the fire with an intimate group of inspiring people.
  • I'm in love with love, raw and pure.
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