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Lis Lisande Liz Dingjan Website Design Speaking

I adore meeting people in real life, at real events, that provide tangible action steps, implementation and the stuff that actually moves you forward (and clears your overwhelmed mind). I love to hear your stories, what you’re creating and where you’re going…it opens my world and perspective.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on over 100 projects with this business, have a corporate background, study a bit (or a lot) and grow a small team (click here for some fancy sounding bios and words). I focus on running and facilitating three workshops across the world – systems & workflow, lean startup + product development & branding. Scroll down to get some more information on these. All workshops are tailored to the city and audience (I love getting to know you before I meet you so that these can absolutely address what your needs are).


San Francisco, January 2016
Belize, February 2016
Antigua, February 2016
Perth Australia, 2016
Melbourne Australia, 2016
Brisbane Australia, 2016


This is for those who have been in business for at least 6 months and are ready to be much more effective, less overwhelmed, work seamlessly on the back end whilst impressing clients on the front (and generating the best kind of work through word of mouth) and are either ready to grow, take on more (or brand new) team members, or want more time for love and living (or a combination of all those!).

If you’re feeling at all burnt out, losing your mind keeping track of projects, finances, clients, sales etc, are garnering some envy for those around you who seem to do it all somehow (and even have the pretty pictures to show), want to spend more time on focussed business activities but are drowning in the work or aren’t sure how you keep going at this sustainably, then this is for you.

We can touch across the full gamut or we can focus in on a specific area that has implications across your business (i.e your client lifecycle and processes from intake to completion). Tailored and highly actionable – let’s make things work for you. 


Whether you’re starting a start-up (i.e you’ve got a new idea and you want to launch and scale) or you’re developing a new product in your business (be it something tangible, an online course or anything in the making for customers realm) we’ll scroll right back to how you really start a business or create your next product effectively, and what you need to do right now to ensure you’ve got an audience ready to love the product you bring out (before you spend a ridiculous amount of money without being sure you’ll make it back).


This is an intensive little time on branding so we can pack a lot of useful information in and have you implementing right then and there on the day. We’ll go through what branding actually is (and isn’t), the touch points in your business, how to implement it throughout and what it means going forward (because if you’re growing a team or have a big company already you can bet branding is affecting everything from your internal culture to your sales).

To book a workshop in your city email us at hello {at} theidentity.me and Emily or myself will be in touch soon or check out the dates above to see if anything is happening near you. 

Speaking & Extra Notes

Looking for a speaker at your event? I do a number of these per year and would love to hear about what you’re running and what I could potentially do for your audience. I adore actionable takeaways and ensuring everybody feels not only inspired but a little business smarter and clear on what to move forward with.

I also love a Q&A and find the questions posed to be super insightful and interesting across the board. Inevitably I tend to be asked about my lifestyle having travelled extensively, worked and doing this shindig. Like most things in life I’m quite relaxed on this but I try to live a bit more simply (small and more minimally), believe in fuelling your body with the good stuff (so mostly sugar free, vegetarian and dairy free – but I’m Dutch so oh how I love cheese). And no, I don’t drink coffee but I do love tea!

Got something else you think I’d be perfect for? Send me an email and lets talk (you can also use the form to reach out for a booking).

Style: I’m not your speaker that comes along with palm cards and then stares out of her hand most of the time. I go with the flow, am relaxed and I may jump on a tangent or two which I think helps to facilitate interesting discussion. I’m energetic, rather passionate about nearly everything, a little quirky and straight up. I’m a big student of behavioral economics so I’ve often got an intriguing study or two up my sleeve. I enjoy interacting with the audience and I’ll tend to pose questions and little tidbits to provoke some action so there’s absolute takeaway value.

Note: I think I’m pretty funny. I’m actually damn straight lame. And think laughing at myself is one of the greatest medicines I can ever take. I also have an obsession with Leonard Cohen who will undoubtedly come up at some point. You have been warned.

Words from Others

Lis has an ability to connect with the audience and make them feel comfortable immediately. She shares her story in an upfront and authentic manner that drove to the heart of her subject matter. I had one participant at the workshop say that they could listen to Lis for hours, she is that engaging. What really stuck out for me was her clear and concise delivery and her engagement with the audience.

I now know that my goals don’t have to look any particular way; so long as they make me fulfilled.

Lis has a great, down-to-earth and authentic style. She says what she thinks and she shares herself with the audience vulnerably. Powerful stuff.

~ Leah Hynes, Event Organizer

I loved how much time you took to prepare an amazing document for the participants, and how generous you were with your time helping them before and after your workshop. You went above and beyond for sure! It was so helpful to have you there as an expert, because it helped ground what we were saying in so much more reality for people. You were amazing!

We loved your style! It was nice to have discussion time and let people really dig into what you were teaching. You were such an amazing asset to our team and our clients LOVED you!

~ Rebecca Tracey, Retreat Organizer & Leader

Your attention to detail and assisting every single person at the retreat with whatever they asked about was really freaking amazing. You are amazing and loved and fantastic- and you know your shit. Love your ability to be engaging and personal, as well as professional and efficient.

~ Kate Marolt, Retreat Organizer & Leader

I loved your branding workshop. It took this big scary concept and made it much more approachable and practical. Now I have a good enough idea of what my brand is to get going, as well as the tools to recalibrate along the way.

I loved how you explained that your brand is what other people say about it. That really stuck out for me and it has become a habit to listen up when people talk about a company or product now, and to see if that’s different than what the company intended. Lots of fun and super valuable.

I felt EXQUISITE. It felt so good to have your support and expertise and to be able to ask you all my burning questions in a casual setting. I left the event feeling clear about my message + branding and confident that I was ready to make my business successful now.

I loved your style. Seriously, I loved how approachable you were. I felt that I could ask you any questions at all, and that you wouldn’t judge me. You always made me feel supported and I’m so grateful that you took some time on the side to give me some personalized suggestions. Just those 15 minutes with you made probably saved me hours on my end. You’re great at helping people make quick decisions and move on with their business.

~ Iris Brazen, Workshop Participant & Business Owner