The #1 Way to Make Money (or how to find revenue streams & business ideas)

There’s one thing I constantly tell myself and it’s this…

Where there is frustration, there is business via

Where there’s frustration, there’s a business.

Do you struggle coming up with a business that doesn’t feel ergh over done? Or a product that people would love that’s not just another general eBook about making money online?

I’m fortunate, on any given day I’ll have at least one business idea that I’d love to pursue (ohh to have all the time, money and help in the world!). In a brainstorming session with a friend we may have 10 by the time we’re finished. The other day I was absolutely aching for a bath. When was the last time you had one? It’s been yeeeeears for me! A 20 minute soak in peace, in a dim lit room, in a big, long, deep bath I can stretch out in. In private. With a tea. A little music and maybe a book. An escape from the city buzz and staring at my laptop. Business idea? Oh yes. I should probably patent this shizz (I absolutely cannot get away with saying that).

I think you can make nearly everything profit if you just find your little piece of the market, your people, and fulfill their desires.

Like a hot, delicious chocolate fondue fountain, I pour out ideas every day. I have lists of hundreds lying around the place and of course it’s most likely that I’ll never get to the majority of them. There is skill in picking the ones you want to run with that will help you lead the life you want to design for yourself and do something valuable for the world.

So how do I have a lot of ideas or how can you find a brilliant idea without struggling, when it feels like all the good ideas have been taken, or when you don’t know what the hell you’re supposed to sell in your business?

To do ::

Write a list of everything that frustrates you during the week. Keep a running tally every day. It may seem like the smallest, most irrelevant thing (and the silliest first world problem) but write it down. If it’s revenue streams you’re struggling with, put yourself in your perfect clients shoes and then spend a day navigating whatever it is they would be doing in context of your business. What’s frustrating?

This does 2 things. Firstly, it gets you to start churning out ideas and using that creative and innovative muscle. A muscle unused is one that atrophies, so you’ve got to keep flexing it. The more you use it, the better you get at it. Secondly, by the time the weeks up you should have a plethora of ideas.

Bonus? You no longer get annoyed by frustrations. You have the opportunity to fix them no matter how big or small the mission. Make it something you love doing, dig deep and learn and every frustration will be a blessing.

Now it’s up to you to pick the best one (something we’ll explore in a follow up post)!

Think about your week – what do you wish you could have had or what’s frustrated you?

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