The Free Filler-Outable Guide to Clients, Cash and Fun!

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Do you belong to one of these scenarios?

  • You’ve got a small business going (or are thinking about launching one) and you’ve got a service or a product. It’s excellent quality and you’ve settled on a price that’s well worth the enormous value you’re offering. Except nobody is listening.
  • The copy on your website just sounds not quite right. Not quite you. You’re not entirely sure who you’re writing to because you’re just aching for readers and clients (oh I so know how this feels).
  • You need help figuring out who your perfect client is so you can create a business and offering just for them taking them from casual reader of your blog to loyal fan and customer.
  • You’re the person trying to do everything for everyone and that’s just not going to cut it into the future. Not only do you not enjoy some projects but you also want to actually live that life that was promised with running your own business.

Am I near the mark?

If so, this guide is especially for you.

Clarity, Marketing + Money Making.

Once I’d figured this stuff out business became so much better. And my calendar started filling up with clients.

This free interactive guide will help you determine the following ::

  • The ultimate definition of marketing vs advertising
  • Who the heck your perfect client is (with plenty of examples)
  • What problems you’ll be solving and where the cha-ching sounds ring
  • How to create an atmosphere so your potential client is happy with absolutely every corner of your biz (and never wants to leave)
  • The precise steps to marketing so you can sell your products and book out your calendar for the rest of the year
  • How to provide after sales gold so you get the best kind of advertising for free – word of mouth – and keep filling up those orders or selling out courses and services

Why filler-outable? Because you can work your way through the exercises right there on the page on your screen. Magic!

Here’s a sneak peek of how it looks ::

The Filler-outable Guide to Clients, Cash & Fun Sneak Peek via

There’s a whole lotta goodness and love in this book. Ready to make your business sparkle?

If so, sign up below to download your free copy now!

With Love,

With Love - Lis/Liz Dingjan - The Brand Identity Creator
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