You have permission to do what you love (even if it’s not perfect)

What’s stopping you from starting that blog or business or jumping ship from the world you’re in to pursue the things you love? Are you afraid of failing or that you haven’t got everything perfectly in place to launch?

I totally get that feeling. I’m with you. Except I promise you it will never be perfect before you start. And you will always be tweaking. And that’s a perfectly good thing!

If you’re thinking about getting that business up and running are you letting any of the following stop you?

  • You’re not sure how the hell you’re supposed to make ‘authentic’ connections with ‘online’ people
  • You haven’t got a clue where you’d get clients or customers from
  • You haven’t got any products ready to sell as a form of passive income
  • You’re not sure what to price your services at
  • Hell you don’t even know what services to provide and what to include
  • You don’t have a business plan
  • You haven’t outlined your 12 month strategy
  • You’re not sure how to post on social media every day
  • You haven’t got 48 blog posts scheduled for posting
  • You don’t have an office or any professional space to work in
  • You really want a business loan but you haven’t got one
  • You haven’t got 6 months worth of saved cash
  • You’re damn afraid you’re going to fail

You are not alone.

You can give permission to yourself to start or let me give it to you.

You hereby have permission to start your business without being perfect.

You’ll figure out what you’re going to sell later.

You’ll have a way better idea of what products your audience wants once you’ve gotten to know them and then you’ll find the time to create solutions for them.

All your business plan needs to say right now is start. That’s it. Just begin.

You don’t need to know where you’re going to get clients from right now, you just need to start getting yourself into the world. Jump on social media and take a look at what you can do to bring your values (like inspiration and fun) into the conversation.

You don’t need to believe in anything other than yourself.

Keep your job and hustle on the side. Build it up and when you’re comfortable take the leap. Just because you’ve got a blog or website up doesn’t mean you need to quit straight away and be filled with stress and anxiety (I’ve been there!). If you’re comfortable enough to continue on for a while, or can find a part time job, or consult or do whatever you can do to keep earning enough to cover the bills then build up organically and switch over when it feels right.

You don’t need to have an accountant, administrator and assistant right now. That can all come. You can hire a designer now to go big or you can do it later when you go pro. You can do your own admin whilst you’re starting out. When you’re growing and making money you can outsource. You can redesign. But to do all that, you need to have a launching pad. You need to begin.

Find a little space where you can work. A quiet corner of the house, a cute little cafe, bed, the library or a co-working space. Wherever you work best take some time out to go there and be insanely productive for a few hours.

Write a blog post. Then another a week later. Then the next day. Then another week. Write randomly or consistently when inspiration strikes. You’ll find your groove. You’ll get into the swing.

Have a sign up list on your website but don’t fret, you don’t need to start emailing those people every single week now with the dreaded anxiety of ‘oh my god I have to write an email that’s original and that’s not going on the blog for a whole 5 people eeerrgh’. Collect the emails and let it build up to when it feels right for you. Got a list happening? Start mailing. Want to get into practice? Get onto it. Too busy for all of that? I know plenty of bloggers who have thousands of subscribers but haven’t written an email to their subscribers yet. Don’t stress, you’ll get there.


You have the permission. You just need to start.

Just put one foot in front of the other and take a step. Experiment. Try.

You’ll tweak. You’ll improve. You’ll overhaul. You’ll relaunch. Redesign. Go through multiple iterations and evolutions. Start a new business. Collaborate. Kill an idea. Make money from the most surprising source. It will all come.

But you need to start.

You can’t fail if you start. You’ve just done something 95% of other people don’t dare to do. You’re brave. You’re courageous. You’ll learn more than ever before. You’ll generate new perspectives, thoughts and ideas. You can do this. You’ve got it. You can figure it out.

You’ve got the permission to do what you love. To try. To be selfish. To be helpful. To be bold and dream big. To believe in yourself. To do something different.

So what are you going to start today?

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